Welcome to Trans* Erotica!

Hello all and welcome to the first post of trans* erotica! A place for people to read and write erotica which is trans* inclusive. Feel free to submit as many or as little stories as you like or to simply read the ones we already have. Apologies for being so empty at the moment and having no stories for you to read, by all means - submit one! Or several!

We hope to create a safe space where trans* people can explore their bodies and sexualities, we’re tired of seeing erotica and pornography which only includes cis people and cis terms. We aim to provide quality, trans* inclusive erotic stories for those that want them and hope to live up to that. We truly hope you help us along by submitting erotica for us.

NOTE:This is not a place to fetisize trans* bodies and whilst we can’t stop you from doing so, we would encourage you to perhaps take that fetishizing elsewhere and to leave us out of it.

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